Tim Hollebeek

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The Infrastructure of modern society is controlled by software systems that are vulnerable to attacks. Many such attacks, launched by ”recreational hackers” have already led to severe disruptions and significant cost. It, therefore, is critical that we find ways to protect such systems and to enable them to continue functioning even after a successful(More)
Information systems form the backbones of the critical infrastructures of modern societies. Unfortunately, these systems are highly vulnerable to attacks that can result in enormous damage. Furthermore, traditional approaches to information security have not provided all the protections necessary to defeat and recover from a concerted attack; in particular,(More)
Over the last ten years, we have gained considerable experience with adapting COTS products to act variously as interfaces to problem-specific functionality and to provide such functionality itself. Several experimental implementations were based on a tool called the Briefing Associate that augmented Microsoft's PowerPoint to support the authoring of(More)
COTS products can play various architectural roles in software systems: as interfaces to problem-specific functionality, as components that provide such functionality itself, and as intermediary connectors and components in more complex systems. In doing so, COTS products impose their own, unique constraints on organization and functionality. Over the last(More)
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