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I12 is the Joint Engineering, Environmental and Processing (JEEP) beamline, constructed during Phase II of the Diamond Light Source. I12 is located on a short (5 m) straight section of the Diamond storage ring and uses a 4.2 T superconducting wiggler to provide polychromatic and monochromatic X-rays in the energy range 50-150 keV. The beam energy enables(More)
The performance characteristics of a new synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction beamline (I11) at the Diamond Light Source are presented. Using an in-vacuum undulator for photon production and deploying simple x-ray optics centered around a double-crystal monochromator and a pair of harmonic rejection mirrors, a high brightness and low bandpass x-ray beam is(More)
Finite-element analysis is frequently used by engineers at synchrotron beamlines to calculate the elastic deformation of a single crystal undergoing mechanical bending or thermal load. ANSYS Workbench software is widely used for such simulations. However, although ANSYS Workbench software provides useful information on the displacements, strains and(More)
This report describes an ongoing effort to apply the functional modeling (FM) approach to the representation of and reasoning about engineered artifacts. The application domain is the External Active Thermal Control System (EATCS) of space station FREEDOM. The intuitions behind FM are threefold. First, knowing the purposes of a device allows organization of(More)
Strongly-consistent, distribution-free confidence intervals are derived to estimate the fixed quantiles of an arbitrary unknown distribution, based on order statistics of an iid sequence from that distribution. This new method, unlike classical estimates, works for totally arbitrary (including discontinuous) distributions, and is based on recent one-sided(More)
When Jim Lyons-Weiler and I discussed what we might do with an Open Access journal on Cancer Informatics, we both felt that it was important to avoid loosing focus on what the end-point of both the research and its dissemination is. In all its forms cancer is inevitably an unpleasant affl iction that harms every aspect of the lives of sufferers and those(More)
Project Description: This research is aimed at developing the Rapid Freeze Prototyping (RFP) process as an environmentally benign, low-cost rapid prototyping process and also developing the techniques of using ice patterns for investment casting. Invented by Dr. Ming Leu and his colleagues, RFP is a freeform fabrication process that builds ice parts by(More)