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Coral reefs are degrading on a global scale, and rates of reef-organism calcification are predicted to decline due to ocean warming and acidification. Systematic measurements of calcification over space and time are necessary to detect change resulting from environmental stressors. We established a network of calcification monitoring stations at four(More)
This paper presents design implications for educational group-ware as revealed by GHT (Group Homework Tool), a same time different place groupware tool built to support synchronous , collaborative coding among novice programmers. We detail the design, implementation, evaluation, and redesign of GHT, focusing on the issues of awareness, control, evaluation(More)
their encouragement, in-class presentations, discussions, and suggestions. I am especially thankful to Ben Newman for his comments and suggestions, and to Andrew Bergal and Alex Oster for their encouragement and for making my experience in class more enjoyable. Thanks to Sher Mern Tan for pushing me to work hard on my thesis, especially during the last few(More)
general use at no fee; details on downloading and running it can be found on the web page. Abstract Cornell University has developed a group communications and membership management tool, called the Ensemble system, which provides the basis for introducing guarantees such as reliability, high availability, fault-tolerance, consistency, security and(More)
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