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Relational agents—computational artifacts designed to build and maintain long-term social-emotional relationships with users—may provide an effective interface modality for older adults. This is especially true when the agents use simulated face-to-face conversation as the primary communication medium, and for applications in which repeated interactions(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE), or the interaction between PCE and contextual variables, is associated with children's language at age 6 and 9.5 years, adjusting for relevant covariates. METHODS Analyses were based on 160 low-income, urban children from a prospective study who completed a standardized language assessment at(More)
BACKGROUND During the Gulf War (GW), in early March 1991, a munitions dump at Khamisiyah, Iraq, was destroyed. Later, in 1996, the dump was found to have contained the organophosphate chemical warfare agents, sarin and cyclosarin. METHODS Data collected in a study conducted between 1994 and 1996, before the Khamisiyah incident was publicly disclosed, were(More)
Previous studies have examined the relation of endogenous estrogen levels or estrogen replacement therapy to the risk of poor cognitive function, but results have been inconclusive. Bone mineral density has been proposed as a marker for cumulative estrogen exposure. The authors studied the relation of bone mineral density to the prevalence of verbal memory(More)
BACKGROUND We hypothesized that the risk of brain damage in extremely preterm neonates increases with the breadth and type of systemic inflammation, indexed by the number of elevated inflammation-related proteins and the number of functional categories of inflammation-related proteins exhibiting an elevated concentration. METHODS In blood from 881 infants(More)
OBJECTIVE Walking speed is an important marker of functionality that is measured over courses of varying lengths, but it is unclear if course length affects measured pace. METHOD A total of 136 older adults completed two consecutive trials each of 3-m and 6-m walking courses, the order of which was randomly assigned. We calculated concordance correlation(More)
Description: This introductory course will cover the broad field of addiction with a focus on drug dependence. In one segment of the course, students will learn about the spectrum of drug dependence disorders and modalities for diagnosis and treatment. Another segment will present a wide variety of approaches for studying addiction using the tools of(More)
Otitis media (OM) is the most common illness in children in the United States. Three-fourths of children under the age of three have OM at least once. Children with chronic OM, including OM with effusion and recurrent OM, will often have conductive hearing loss and communication difficulties, and need surgical treatment. Recent clinical studies provide(More)
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