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In our study we examined Bernstein's hypothesis that practice alters the motor coordination among the muscular and passive joint moments. In particular, we conducted dynamical analyses of a human multisegmental movement during the practice of a task involving the upper extremity. Seven male human volunteers performed maximal-speed, unrestrained vertical arm(More)
Gait kinematics and dynamics during stance of unilateral, below-knee child amputees were analyzed for self-selected, comfortable (0.9 m s-1) and fast (1.3 m s-1) speeds with the SACH foot and the energy-storing Flex-foot prostheses. The three-dimensional movements of the lower limbs were recorded and synchronized with ground reaction forces for 12 subjects(More)
The authors present a retrospective study of the opening base wedge osteotomy with first metatarsophalangeal joint implant arthroplasty, for the correction of long-standing hallux abducto valgus deformity. Twenty cases involving 23 feet were performed, and the results are discussed. The indications and procedure are described, as well as an in-depth(More)
The authors review the basic principles of tendon healing and repair as they apply to a ruptured Achilles tendon, and discuss its diagnosis and treatment. The treatment, either surgical or conservative, is a controversial subject. Both forms have their problems. The authors conclude that while surgical repair is the treatment of choice in most cases,(More)
Robust assessments of the nonclinical safety profile of biopharmaceuticals are best developed on a scientifically justified, case-by-case basis, with consideration of the therapeutic molecule, molecular target, and differences/similarities between nonclinical species and humans (ICH S6). Significant experience has been gained in the 10 years ensuing since(More)
The authors present a perspective study using bleomycin sulfate in the treatment of plantar verrucae. Also, they review the literature concerning this modality. Although the effective cure rate obtained in this study was less than that reported previously, the authors found bleomycin to be particularly effective in the treatment of mosaic verrucae.
Over the past 40 years, there have been important advances in our understanding of bone health and new methods to diagnose, prevent, and treat osteoporosis and other bone disorders. Our recognition that these advances have not been adequately disseminated and more importantly have not been implemented was a major impetus for the Surgeon General’s Report on(More)
Clinical manifestations of von Recklinghausen's disease on the plantar aspect are very rare. Most of the neurofibromas involving the skin are asymptomatic, but when they occupy an unusual position or attain a large size, they lead to significant disability. A case report and the surgical treatment of a 39-year-old female with the pathognomonic clinical(More)
Part II of this series of articles on diabetic foot amputation represents case studies, along with appropriate metatarsal amputation procedures. Misdiagnosis or delayed treatment of these patients can lead to loss of limb and, in some cases, can be life threatening. Diabetic feet have varying degrees of neurovascular compromise, but this should not result(More)
The authors present a modification of the Hibbs tenosuspension for the correction of clawtoes associated with flexible cavus deformity. A release of the plantar fascia is performed along with the procedure. The major advantages offered by this procedure are the ease in which it can be performed, the vector of the extensor digitorum longus tendon at the(More)