Tim Geisler

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Satchmo is an automated theorem prover for rst-order predicate logic. Its reasoning paradigm, model generation, is more powerful than the traditional refutation paradigm. Satchmo can be seen as an inference engine for expert systems capable of handling not only constructive and deenite speciications, but also normative and indeenite ones. The implementation(More)
We present a collection of simple but powerful techniques for enhancing the eeciency of tableau-based model generators such as Satchmo. The central ideas are to compile a clausal rst order theory into a procedural Prolog program and to avoid redundant work of a na ve implementation. We have compared various combinations of our techniques among each other(More)
Reason maintenance systems and temporal reasoning systems are among the most prominent application-independent support systems used for complex AI applications and there are many applications that need both support for logical and temporal reasoning. Apparently it is not enough to just provide two isolated support modules. The logical and temporal(More)
Automated reasoning is becoming an essential issue in many Web systems and applications, especially in emerging Semantic Web applications. This article first discusses reasons for this evolution. Then, it presents research issues currently investigated towards automated reasoning on the Web and it introduces into selected applications demonstrating the(More)
Most cities in Germany regularly publish a booklet called \Mietspiegel" that allows calculating an estimate of the fair rent for a at. The Functional Rent Advisor (FRA) extends the functionality and applicability of the \Mietspiegel" for the city of Munich so that the user needs not to give all required information. The FRA is implemented using the(More)
This document presents a proposal for structuring the body of knowledge in the field of Semantic Web to be used as a draft recommendation for a graduate curriculum. The structure emerged from the analysis of existing courses and from discussions within REWERSE and within Knowledge Web. Also, the document shows how the proposed structure is covered by(More)