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Volume regulatory decrease (VRD) by Necturus gallbladder epithelial cells in Cl Ringer was unaffected by the addition of 5 mM BaCl2 to apical perfusates but was inhibited by the addition of 5 mM BaCl2 and 50 or 3 microM phencyclidine (PCP) to serosal perfusates, suggesting that K channels in the basolateral membrane were activated during VRD. VRD was(More)
The efflux of sorbitol from the rabbit papillary epithelial cell line PAP-HT25 occurs through a specific transport pathway, which we denote the "sorbitol permease." The permease was studied by measuring cell volume changes that accompanied osmotic swelling and by determination of the sorbitol efflux from plasma membrane vesicles. The cell volume studies(More)
BACKGROUND There is a growing number of overweight and obese patients receiving kidney transplants, despite elevated body mass index (BMI) being associated with postoperative complications. Understanding associations between BMI and complications would allow more objectivity when recommending patients for transplantation or otherwise. METHODS We analysed(More)
Multiple-pattern matching algorithms are the heart of many network intrusion detection systems’ signature matching engines. They allow these engines to quickly search for many patterns simultaneously in input passing through such systems, but often consume most of the processing time. Thus, they should be as fast as possible to ensure system scalability(More)
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