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There has been great interest in determining if mindfulness can be cultivated and if this cultivation leads to well-being. The current study offers preliminary evidence that at least one aspect of mindfulness, measured by the Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale (MAAS; K. W. Brown & R. M. Ryan, 2003), can be cultivated and does mediate positive outcomes.(More)
OBJECTIVE AND PARTICIPANTS The authors evaluated the effects on stress, rumination, forgiveness, and hope of two 8-week, 90-min/wk training programs for college undergraduates in meditation-based stress-management tools. METHODS After a pretest, the authors randomly allocated college undergraduates to training in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR;(More)
The concept of an electrically powered total artificial heart has been pursued by Dr. Kolff and his associates since the 1960s. Since the 1980s these efforts have been concentrated upon the development of the electrohydraulic total artificial heart, a turbine pump powered by a brushless DC motor. Dr. Kolff realized the benefits of pulsatile flow and device(More)
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