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The goal of this work is to present the usage possibilities of the evolution algorithms in the mi-crochip manufacturing. Nowadays, the optical lithography is the standard tool in the production of microelectronic circuits. One of the steps of the process is the illumination of a mask (exposure) where the masks pattern is transferred onto the object surface.(More)
Calibration of resist model parameters becomes more and more important in lithography simulation. The general goal of such a calibration procedure is to find parameters and model options which minimize the difference between experimentally measured and simulated data. In this paper a multidimensional downhill simplex method and a genetic algorithm are(More)
v Acknowledgments I would like to thank the Department of Computer Science II (Programming Languages and Methodology), especially Hans Jürgen Schneider, who holds it. Most of all I am grateful to Gabriella Kókai, who was my supervisor, and who supported me a lot. Abstract This thesis introduces a number of extensions to the GeLog framework. GeLog is an(More)
The reconstruction of subwavelength defects from measured images of high-NA-projection systems is demonstrated. A structure consisting of a few small unknown defects in an otherwise known mask layout is studied. The footprint of the defect, which is the measured or simulated difference between images of masks with and without defects, is used to reconstruct(More)
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