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The goal of this work is to present the usage possibilities of the evolution algorithms in the mi-crochip manufacturing. Nowadays, the optical lithography is the standard tool in the production of microelectronic circuits. One of the steps of the process is the illumination of a mask (exposure) where the masks pattern is transferred onto the object surface.(More)
v Acknowledgments I would like to thank the Department of Computer Science II (Programming Languages and Methodology), especially Hans Jürgen Schneider, who holds it. Most of all I am grateful to Gabriella Kókai, who was my supervisor, and who supported me a lot. Abstract This thesis introduces a number of extensions to the GeLog framework. GeLog is an(More)
Calibration of resist model parameters becomes more and more important in lithography simulation. The general goal of such a calibration procedure is to find parameters and model options which minimize the difference between experimentally measured and simulated data. In this paper a multidimensional downhill simplex method and a genetic algorithm are(More)
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