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Policy based management in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows organizations to apply rules and regulations on their business processes. Policy has long been employed in the management of traditional distributed systems and many policy frameworks have been proposed. However , SOA differs in several aspects to traditional systems thus there is a(More)
This report has been submitted for publication outside of IBM and will be probably copyrighted if accepted. It has been issued as a Research Report for early dissemination of its contents. In view of the expected transfer of copyright to an outside publisher, its distribution outside IBM prior to publication should be limited to peer communications and(More)
The WS-Policy framework has been introduced to allow policy to be expressed and associated with Web Services thereby enabling organizations to manage the quality of their services. How the specified polices are kept consistent with the organization's regulations, and how to match service and client policies requirements for effective service discovery, are(More)
This paper focuses on protocols for human/smartcard interaction which allow the user to authorise individual smartcard transactions, whilst not sacriicing useability o r s e c u r i t y. In the past, protocols for secure transactions have traded o useabil-ity against security whereas the protocols presented here are designed so that they tradeoo security(More)
Since the seminal eCash paper by Chaum, Fiat and Naor [4], there have been many improvements to the original protocol. However, a protocol constitutes only a single layer of a production system. We examine the feasibility of using some of these new eCash protocols in a more massive system that replaces our current physical cash system. Our examples are(More)
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