Tim Ebringer

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This paper proposes WS-attestation, attestation architecture on Web services framework. We aim at providing software oriented, dynamic and fine-grained attestation mechanism that leverages TCG technologies to increase trust and confidence in integrity reporting. In addition, the architecture allows efficient binding of attestation with application context,(More)
Role based access control is an efficient and effective way to manage and govern permissions to a large number of users. However, defining a role infrastructure that accurately reflects the internal functionalities and workings of a large enterprise is a challenging task. Recent research has focused on the theoretical components of automated role(More)
In service-centric, “on demand” computing, establishing stronger trust on networked platforms is a key requirement because these remote platforms are often owned and managed by separate entities. The research described in this paper is an architecture and implementation called Trusted Platform on Demand (TPod), which increases the trustworthiness of(More)
Policy based management in service oriented architecture (SOA) allows organizations to apply rules and regulations on their business processes. Policy has long been employed in the management of traditional distributed systems and many policy frameworks have been proposed. However, SOA differs in several aspects to traditional systems thus there is a unique(More)
The VMware Workstation virtualisation software is widely used by antivirus researchers for malware analysis. However, a large amount of current generation malware employs various anti-VMware techniques in order to resist analysis. To make things worse, these anti-VMware techniques are applied not only in the payload itself, but also in the runtime packer(More)
The WS-Policy framework has been introduced to allow policy to be expressed and associated with Web Services thereby enabling organizations to manage the quality of their services. How the specified polices are kept consistent with the organization’s regulations, and how to match service and client policies requirements for effective service discovery, are(More)