Tim E. Putman

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Open biological data are distributed over many resources making them challenging to integrate, to update and to disseminate quickly. Wikidata is a growing, open community database which can serve this purpose and also provides tight integration with Wikipedia. In order to improve the state of biological data, facilitate data management and dissemination, we(More)
The last 20 years of advancement in sequencing technologies have led to sequencing thousands of microbial genomes, creating mountains of genetic data. While efficiency in generating the data improves almost daily, applying meaningful relationships between taxonomic and genetic entities on this scale requires a structured and integrative approach. Currently,(More)
—Wikidata is a world readable and writable knowledge base maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. It offers the opportunity to collaboratively construct a fully open access knowledge graph spanning biology, medicine, and all other domains of knowledge. To meet this potential, social and technical challenges must be overcome-many of which are familiar to the(More)
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