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We present a method to support the gradual evolution of secure scripts by formalizing an extension of the simply-typed lambda calculus that provides information flow constructs. These constructs allow initially insecure programs to evolve via targeted refactoring and to provide dynamic information flow guarantees via casts, as well as static information(More)
We have created a content-based image retrieval framework for computed tomography images of pulmonary nodules. When presented with a nodule image, the system retrieves images of similar nodules from a collection prepared by the Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC). The system (1) extracts images of individual nodules from the LIDC collection based on LIDC(More)
Automatic liver segmentation from abdominal computed tomography (CT) images based on gray levels or shape alone is difficult because of the overlap in gray-level ranges and the variation in position and shape of the soft tissues. To address these issues, we propose an automatic liver segmentation method that utilizes low-level features based on texture(More)
Research studies have shown that advances in computed tomography (CT) technology allow better detection of pulmonary nodules by generating higher-resolution images. However, the new technology also generates many more individual transversal reconstructions, which as a result may affect the efficiency and accuracy of the radiologists interpreting these(More)
This paper focuses on extensibility, the ability of a programmer using a particular language to extend the expressiveness of that language. This paper explores how to provide an interesting notion of extensibility by virtualizing the interface between code and data. A virtual value is a special value that supports behavioral intercession. When a primitive(More)
Lisp and Scheme have demonstrated the power of macros to enable programmers to evolve and craft languages. In languages with more complex syntax, macros have had less success. In part, this has been due to the difficulty in building expressive hygienic macro systems for such languages. JavaScript in particular presents unique challenges for macro systems(More)
Multithreaded programs are notoriously prone to unintended interference between concurrent threads. To address this problem, we argue that yield annotations in the source code should document all thread interference, and we present a type system for verifying the absence of undocumented interference in Java programs. Under this type system, well-typed(More)
The potential for unexpected interference between threads makes multithreaded programming notoriously difficult. Programmers use a variety of synchronization idioms such as locks and barriers to restrict where interference may actually occur. Unfortunately, the resulting actual interference points are typically never documented and must be manually(More)
Cerebral blood flow (CBF) and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2) were measured during normocarbia and during both moderate and severe hypocarbia. Eighteen newborn mongrel dogs, 1 to 7 days of age, were given pancuronium and ventilated with 70% N2O and 30% O2. The respirator was adjusted to achieve a PaCO2 of 15 torr, all subsequent changes to 25 and(More)