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An adaptive optical music recognition system is being adapted as part of an experiment in developing a comprehensive framework of tools to manage the workflow of large-scale digitization projects. This framework will not only support the path from physical object and/or digitized material into a digital library repository, it will also offer effective tools(More)
This paper presents a new toolkit for the creation of customized structured document recognition applications by domain experts. This open-source system, called Gamera, allows a user, with particular knowledge of the documents to be recognized, to combine image processing and recognition tools in an easy-to-use, interactive, graphical scripting environment.(More)
1 Abstract Digital research data can only be managed and preserved over time through a sustained institutional commitment. Research data curation is a multi-faceted issue, requiring technologies, organizational structures, and human knowledge and skills to come together in complementary ways. This article provides a high-level description of the Data(More)
The goal of the RMap Project is to create a prototype service that can capture and preserve maps of relationships amongst the increasingly distributed components (article, data, software, workflow objects, multimedia, etc.) that comprise the new model for scholarly publication. The demonstration will provide a tour of some of the features of the initial web(More)
As initiatives such as Google Book Search (http://books.google.com) and the Open Content Alliance (http://www.opencontentalliance.org) advance efforts to digitize millions of books, there is great potential to make available vast amounts of information. To truly unlock this knowledge, however, it will be necessary to process the resulting digital page(More)