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Operational monitoring of vegetation and land surface change over large areas can make good use of satellite sensors that measure radiance reflected from the Earth’s surface. Monitoring programs use multiple images for complete spatial coverage over time. Accurate retrievals of vegetation cover and vegetation change estimates can be hampered by variation,(More)
The Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) is mapping woody vegetation cover as it existed in 1991. The analysis is being carried out for 88 Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) scenes covering the entire state of Queensland. This paper presents the methods being used by SLATS for this mapping. Radiometric corrections are applied to the imagery to ensure(More)
The reflected radiance in topographically complex areas is severely affected by variations in topography; thus, topographic correction is considered a necessary pre-processing step when retrieving biophysical variables from these images. We assessed the performance of five topographic corrections: (i) C correction (C), (ii) Minnaert, (iii) Sun Canopy Sensor(More)
We investigated a strategy to improve predicting capacity of plot-scale above-ground biomass (AGB) by fusion of LiDAR and Landsat5 TM derived biophysical variables for subtropical rainforest and eucalypts dominated forest in topographically complex landscapes in North-eastern Australia. Investigation was carried out in two study areas separately and in(More)
The Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) has used both Landsat–5 TM and –7 ETM+ imagery to monitor short-term woody vegetation changes throughout Queensland. In order to analyse long-term vegetation change, time-based trends that are an artifact of the sensor system must be removed. Although the calibration trends of TM and ETM+ are well described,(More)
Tree cover maps are used for many purposes, such as vegetation mapping, habitat connectivity and fragmentation studies. Small remnant patches of native vegetation are recognised as ecologically important, yet they are underestimated in remote sensing products derived from Landsat. High spatial resolution sensors are capable of mapping small patches of(More)