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BACKGROUND Much concern has been expressed about the high prevalence of tuberculosis in prisons in industrialised countries. Since there is almost no information from developing countries, we investigated the rate of pulmonary tuberculosis in a large prison in Malawi. METHODS Between May and July, 1996; we carried out an active case-finding survey in(More)
Universal newborn screening for sickle cell disorders and cystic fibrosis aims to enable the early identification and treatment of affected babies. Screening can also identify infants who are healthy carriers, with carrier results being the commonest outcome for parents and professionals to discuss in practice. However it is unclear what the effect will be(More)
We have analyzed 226 patients with a diagnosis of dystonia musculorum deformans seen in our clinica between 1955 and 1974. These were evenly divided between male and female, but of the 226 patients, 225 were white and only one was black. Forty-two percent were Jewish, as contrasted with 3% Jewish population in the United States. It is interesting to note(More)
Forty parkinsonian patients on levodopa therapy for a mean of 4 years and 10 months were given a battery of psychometric tests to assess memory cognition, and perception. Three equated control groups consisting of (1) parkinsonian patients not on levodopa, (2) patients on short-term levodopa, a mean of 1 year and 1 month, and (3) spouses, were administered(More)
Neurologically impaired patients on therapeutic regimens of chronic cerebellar stimulation for periods ranging from 4 to 29 months (mean = 12.8 months) commonly reported amelioration of tension and/or anxiety. Cerebral palsy patients emphasized tension reduction while seizure patients primarily reported increased alertness. Increased alertness and(More)
Groups of patients with intractable epilepsy or spasticity of varying etiologies underwent psychological testing before and during chronic cerebellar cortex stimulation, a neurosurgical technique designed for the relief of these symptoms. The battery of psychological tests permitted a standardized assessment of intellectual, memory, and perceptual(More)
Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease enables the early identification and treatment of affected children, prolonging and enhancing their quality of life. Screening, however, also identifies carriers. There are minimal or no health concerns for carriers. There are, however, potential implications when carriers reach reproductive age,(More)
Sixty-eight patients with DMD underwent psychometric assessment before or after thalamic surgery. Statistical comparisonss between categories of patients were undertaken as a function of religion, family history, and age at onset of symptoms as independent variables. It was found that Jewish patients, with negative family history, and age at onset of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the socio-economic support for good health among subsistence farmers in rural Malawi. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. SETTING Lungwena, a rural area with 17,000 inhabitants in southern Malawi. PARTICIPANTS Seven hundred and ninety five pregnant women who attended the antenatal clinic at Lungwena Health Centre between June 1995 and(More)