Tim Craft

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Precipitation of calcium phosphate in neonatal total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solutions remains a significant problem. Whereas numerous studies have attempted to establish guidelines for maximum concentrations of various combinations that can be mixed, differences in study design and reliance upon subjective visual assessment severely limit their(More)
The idea behind the marine cloud-brightening (MCB) geoengineering technique is that seeding marine stratocumulus clouds with copious quantities of roughly monodisperse sub-micrometre sea water particles might significantly enhance the cloud droplet number concentration, and thereby the cloud albedo and possibly longevity. This would produce a cooling, which(More)
The use of stable, activable tracers has been studied in applications to establish the performance of waste treatment plants and detect causes of irregular or improper functioning of individual plant processes. Various soluble tracers were evaluated, among them indium, scandium, and bromine. The inert tracers were compared with dye tracers and were found to(More)
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