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The complex permittivity and resistivity of float-zone high-resistivity silicon were measured at microwave frequencies for temperatures from 10 up to 400 K employing dielectric-resonator and composite dielectric-resonator techniques. At temperatures below 25 K, where all free carriers are frozen out, loss-tangent values of the order of 2times10<sup>-4</sup>(More)
Gating is an important part in many data association algorithms, specifically tracking algorithms. Its purpose is the preselection of suitable measurements or observations respectively in order to avoid unlikely measurement-to-track associations. As such, it can be essential for a low computational load. A very common gating method is individual ellipsoidal(More)
An efficient individual gating method is described and tested. Compared to other approaches it does not solely calculate distances between the predicted and the actual measurement but checks for overlapping frames centered around them. In contrast to covariance ellipses, these frames are created only by using the main diagonal entries of covariance(More)
In this contribution a proof-of-concept of a real-time cognitive sonar system is shown and tested in simulations. In the field of radar applications the principle of a cognitive system has been intensively studied over the past years. However, cognitive sonar systems draw only little attention in the reseach community. In this paper we are showing a new(More)
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