Tim Cheng

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As GPU becomes an integrated component in handheld devices like smartphones, we have been investigating the opportunities and limitations of utilizing the ultra-low-power GPU in a mobile platform as a general-purpose accelerator, similar to its role in desktop and server platforms. The special focus of our investigation has been on mobile GPU's role for(More)
—The analog built-in self-test (BIST) scheme, with stimulus generation and response extraction based on the 6-1 modulation, is proven to be quite effective for sampled-data systems. We show that the 6-1 modulators can be selected optimally for certain applications and functional tests. The criteria for valid tests are also derived. In particular, a valid(More)
THE PURPOSE of this workshop is to bring researchers and practitioners from the fields of verification and test together to exchange innovative ideas and to develop new methodologies to solve the difficult challenges facing us today in various processor and SOC design environments. In the past few years, some work has been done on exploiting techniques from(More)
—This paper presents a novel concept called solar disaggregation. In homes with solar panels, electric utilities are able to meter the net consumption power signals, which measures the difference between whole-home consumption and solar production. Solar disaggregation aims to separate, or " disaggregate " , the production of solar panels from a home's net(More)
In this chapter, we will go through the fundamentals of algorithms that are essential for the readers to appreciate the beauty of various EDA technologies covered in the rest of the book. For example, many of the EDA problems can be either represented in graph data structures or transformed into graph problems. We will go through the most representative(More)
BACKGROUND By recent estimates, the steady rise in health care costs has deprived more than 45 million Americans of health care services and has encouraged health care providers to better understand the key drivers of health care utilization from a population health management perspective. Prior studies suggest the feasibility of mining population-level(More)
—Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) is a promising technique to increase capacity of nanophotonic interconnects for chip-scale serial links. This paper describes recent progress in DWDM nanophotonic interconnects based on silicon microring resonators, including a five-channel DWDM transmitter using a quantum dot (QD) comb laser and(More)
• Test generation systems • Test generation for combinational ckts – D-Algorithm – PODEM – Boolean Satisfiability approach – Test compaction • Test generation for sequential ckts – Time-frame expansion & Extended D-Algorithm – Nine-valued test generation – Potential detection – Issues of sequential ATPG – Test sequence compaction