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Neospora caninum is an important veterinary pathogen that causes abortion in cattle and neuromuscular disease in dogs. Neospora has also generated substantial interest because it is an extremely close relative of the human pathogen Toxoplasma gondii, yet does not appear to infect humans. While for Toxoplasma there are a wide array of molecular tools and(More)
—This paper presents a novel concept called solar disaggregation. In homes with solar panels, electric utilities are able to meter the net consumption power signals, which measures the difference between whole-home consumption and solar production. Solar disaggregation aims to separate, or " disaggregate " , the production of solar panels from a home's net(More)
BACKGROUND By recent estimates, the steady rise in health care costs has deprived more than 45 million Americans of health care services and has encouraged health care providers to better understand the key drivers of health care utilization from a population health management perspective. Prior studies suggest the feasibility of mining population-level(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The dissertation belongs to many people who have directly or indirectly helped me achieve this goal. First, I sincerely appreciate my advisor, Prof. Luke Theogarajan, for his consistent financial and technical support in my research work at UCSB. His detailed and wholehearted guidance made the project progressing smoothly, and my(More)
With its Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park generating over 68.1 % of the global semiconductor foundry revenue, 22.4% of the world DRAM production revenue, 26.5% of fabless revenue, 47.6% of independent IC packaging revenue, and 67.7% of IC testing revenue. Taiwan is doubtlessly one of the major dynamos of the semiconductor industry on this planet. th(More)
Image compression is an important topic in commercial, industrial, and academic applications. Whether it be in commercial photography, industrial imaging, or video, digital pixel information can comprise considerably large amounts of data. Management of such data can involve significant overhead in computational complexity , storage, and data processing.(More)
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