Tim Callahan

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In this paper we describe a new hardware/software partitioning approach for embedded reconfigurable architectures consisting of a general-purpose processor (CPU), a dynamically reconfigurable datapath (e.g. an FPGA), and a memory hierarchy. We have developed a framework called Nimble that automatically compiles system-level applications specified in C to(More)
Preface In the past two decades, the fields of VLSI systems design and massively parallel computation have grown into mature disciplines. Both fields began as research topics in industrial and academic laboratories; today, they form the core technologies for several large corporations. This report proposes a massively parallel computer, the Connectionist(More)
FOREWORD Distributed generation (DG) technologies are emerging as a viable supplement to centralized power production. Independent evaluations of DG technologies are required to assess performance of systems, and, ultimately, the applicability and efficacy of a specific technology at any given site. A current barrier to the acceptance of DG technologies is(More)
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