Tim Button

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  • Benj Hellie, Susanna Siegel, Berit Brogaard, Geoff Lee, David Chalmers, Nico Silins +22 others
  • 2014
1 Does perception have content? David Lewis thought so. In his view, 'someone sees if and only if the scene before his eyes causes matching visual experi-ence', where 'visual experience has informational content about the scene before the eyes, and it matches the scene to the extent that its content is correct'. 1 'Visual experience'? Lewis presupposes that(More)
BACKGROUND Image-guided surgery has become standard practice during surgical resection, using preoperative magnetic resonance imaging. Intraoperative ultrasound (IoUS) has attracted interest because of its perceived safety, portability, and real-time imaging. This report is a meta-analysis of intraoperative ultrasound in gliomas. METHODS Critical(More)
  • Branden Fitelson, Brian Ball, Michael Blome-Tillmann, Tim Button, Cian Dorr, Jane Friedman +10 others
  • 2015
1 Closure and counter-closure: Some stage-setting The traditional (or " received ") theory of deductive inferential knowledge includes the following two fundamental epistemic principles. 2 Closure (C). If S knows that P and S competently deduces Q from P (while maintaining her knowledge that P), then S (thereby) comes to know that Q (via deductive(More)
Notice. This paper is due to appear in Philosophia Mathematica. This paper may be subject to minor changes. The authoritative version should be obtained from Philosophia Mathematica. Tennenbaum's Theorem yields an elegant characterisation of the standard model of arithmetic. Several authors have recently claimed that this result has important philosophical(More)
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