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A planar YBa2Cu3Ox (YBCO) coil has been used as a pick-up coil in a nuclear magnetic resonance imager. It was found that the quality factor (Q) of the YBCO coil was greater than its copper counterpart by approaching 50% even in a field of 0.15 T. The Q of the copper coil at 77 K and in a field of 0.15 T was 1200 while that of the YBCO coil under identical(More)
BACKGROUND Image-guided surgery has become standard practice during surgical resection, using preoperative magnetic resonance imaging. Intraoperative ultrasound (IoUS) has attracted interest because of its perceived safety, portability, and real-time imaging. This report is a meta-analysis of intraoperative ultrasound in gliomas. METHODS Critical(More)
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