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This research extends a 1990 study by Land, McCall, and Cohen on the structural covariates of homicide rates. Examining neighborhoods in St. Louis, this study assesses whether socioeconomic and demographic characteristics are correlated with different types of homicide, thereby addressing the question of whether homicides are sufficiently distinct in nature(More)
Textual databases with highly variable structure can be usefully described by a grammar-defined model. One example of such a text is the <italic>Oxford English Dictionary</italic>. This paper describes a first attempt to apply technology based on this model to a real problem. A language called GOEDEL, which is a partial implementation of a set of(More)
The web consists of huge amounts of data available in a variety of digital forms stored in thousands of repositories. Approaches that use the semantics of information captured in the metadata extracted from the data are being viewed as an appealing approach, especially in the context of the Semantic Web effort. We present in this chapter a discussion on(More)
This paper deals with Web Content Mining. While browsing the web, the user has to go through many pages of the Internet, filter the data and download related documents and files. This task of searching and downloading is time consuming. Sometimes the search queries call for specific option, say, limiting search to few links. To reduce the time spent by(More)