Tim Bradley

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This study investigates the factors affecting the implementation and use of a portal to assist knowledge management objectives in higher education. The study explored factors influencing knowledge distribution by deriving a conceptual framework consisting of four (4) dimensions: knowledge volume, knowledge quality, knowledge dissemination, and information(More)
BACKGROUND Turner Syndrome women are at high risk of vascular disease and the assessment of early risk factors in Turner Syndrome girls is an emerging focus of research. Our objective was to evaluate endothelial function (EF), a preclinical measure of atherosclerosis, in Turner Syndrome girls compared with controls. METHODS A cross-sectional case-control(More)
Rationale: There is strong justification to sequence the genome of this remarkable insect because it impacts human biology on many levels and sequence information will contribute to significant advances in biomedical and biological research. The multifold rationale includes: (1) the disease impact of Rhodnius prolixus as a vector for Chagas= disease; (2)(More)
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