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We have examined starvation and desiccation resistance in 43 outbred populations of Drosophila melanogaster that have diverged from a common ancestral population as a result of a variety of defined selection protocols. The populations differ up to 8.5-fold in desiccation resistance and up to 10-fold in starvation resistance. We used these populations to(More)
A transgenic system ("FLP-out") based on yeast FLP recombinase allowed induced overexpression of MnSOD enzyme in adult Drosophila melanogaster. With FLP-out a brief heat pulse (HP) of young, adult flies triggered the rearrangement and subsequent expression of a MnSOD transgene throughout the adult life span. Control (no HP) and overexpressing (HP) flies had(More)
Desiccation resistance and water balance were studied in the adult female mosquitoes Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto. When the two species were reared from egg to adult under identical conditions, An. arabiensis had significantly higher desiccation resistance than did An. gambiae. Data are presented that indicate that this(More)
We examined the respiratory patterns of Rhodnius prolixus and Gromphadorhina portentosa as metabolic rates varied with temperature to determine whether insects transition from discontinuous (DGC), cyclical and continuous respiration as a response to increasing aerobic demand. Using flow through respirometry we: (1) determined the effects of temperature on(More)
Several interventions increase lifespan in model organisms, including reduced insulin/insulin-like growth factor-like signaling (IIS), FOXO transcription factor activation, dietary restriction, and superoxide dismutase (SOD) over-expression. One question is whether these manipulations function through different mechanisms, or whether they intersect on(More)
In this paper we demonstrate that the apparent pattern of gas exchange in insects, as observed using flow-through respirometry, is strongly affected by the rate of flow of air through the system. This is true not only because of the time constant of the respiratory chamber in which the insect resides, but also due to the effect of flow rate on the residence(More)
Resistance to environmental stress is one of the most important forces molding the distribution and abundance of species. We investigated the evolution of desiccation stress resistance using 20 outbred Drosophila melanogaster populations directly selected in the laboratory for adult desiccation resistance (D), postponed senescence (O), and their respective(More)
OBJECTIVE While there are no controlled studies, pulmonary valve replacement (PVR) after late tetralogy of Fallot repair is performed for patients with symptoms, arrhythmia or ventricular dysfunction. We sought to determine the impact of PVR on clinical outcomes. METHODS In a matched cohort study, 82 patients with PVR after tetralogy of Fallot repair(More)