Tim Bergstrom

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The effects of pupillary dilation (tropicamide 1%) on automated static threshold perimetry were studied in 18 normal subjects using the Humphrey field analyzer 30-2 and STATPAC programs. The mean defect worsened by 0.83 decibels (standard deviation, 0.92 decibels) in dilated fields as compared with baseline visual fields (P = 0.001). These findings indicate(More)
Automated threshold static perimetry with the Humphrey field analyzer and kinetic and suprathreshold static perimetry with the Goldmann perimeter were performed on 171 eyes: 69 with glaucoma or ocular hypertension, 69 with "neurologic" disorders, and 33 normal. The two fields were similar or differed only slightly in 78% of eyes overall and in 88% when both(More)
In a randomized clinical trial, the authors compared the use of postoperative subconjunctival injections of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in 19 eyes with a single intraoperative application of subconjunctival mitomycin (MMC) at the filtering site in 20 eyes at high risk for failure of glaucoma filtering surgery. Six months after surgery, intraocular pressures(More)
PURPOSE To compare the outcome of filtering surgery in high-risk patients using intraoperative mitomycin C (MMC) versus postoperative 5-fluorouracil (5-FU). METHODS In a randomized clinical trial, the use of postoperative subconjunctival injections of 5-FU in 19 eyes of 19 patients was compared with a single intraoperative application of MMC in 20 eyes of(More)
A case of congenital anterior encephalocele presented originally with nasolacrimal obstruction. Associated paranasal masses and hypertelorism suggested the diagnosis, which was confirmed and delineated by computed tomography. Anterior encephalocele has various clinical presentations, but the diagnosis should be suspected in a child with nasolacrimal(More)
PURPOSE To determine the current level of formal training in ocular anesthesia provided to nonophthalmologist physicians, the rationale for this training or lack thereof, and the perceived need for this training by anesthesia residency training programs. METHODS A two-page survey questionnaire was forwarded to all residency directors of ophthalmology and(More)
The study focuses on the key issues affecting the functioning and structure of Africa’s private manufacturing sector. Surveys conducted in seventeen countries in sub-Saharan Africa present a number of issues faced by participating firms. These issues include: access to finance, access to trade finance, complexity of tax system, customs and trade(More)
Twenty-seven young adult patients with rubeola were evaluated during the acute contagious phase of their disease. Koplik's spots were present in all patients. Conjunctivitis was present in 15 of the 27 (56%), and photophobia was present in 14 of the 27 (52%). Bilateral epithelial keratitis was present in all 27 patients. This keratitis, in otherwise healthy(More)
In two cases of bilateral superior oblique palsy the vertical component of the deviation was more prominent in one eye and the excyclotorsion more prominent in the fellow eye. A tuck of the superior oblique was performed on one eye and an adjustable Harada-Ito procedure on the fellow eye. This combined approach was used to reduce both the torsional and(More)