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If you can't Beat them, Join them? Explaining Social Democratic Responses to the Challenge from the Populist Radical Right in Western Europe
Over the last three decades many Western European social democratic parties have been challenged by populist radical right parties. The growth and success of parties on the right flank of the partyExpand
Cinderella and her ugly sisters: the mainstream and extreme right in Europe's bipolarising party systems
The rise and mainstreaming of Europe's Green parties has not only enlarged the left bloc in many party systems but helped to drive a trend toward bipolar competition. This article argues that theExpand
Turning round the telescope. Centre-right parties and immigration and integration policy in Europe1
Because those who study migration do not focus much on parties, while those who study parties tend to focus on migration only insofar as it affects electoral competition and positioning, the role ofExpand
Political parties and interest groups
According to a widespread assumption, party–interest group links are significantly weaker than they used to be. Both sets of organizations, it is said, now prefer autonomy over the constraintsExpand
Thrown around with abandon? Popular understandings of populism as conveyed by the print media: A UK case study
This article examines the use of the term ‘populism’ in the UK print media and compares this with the scholarly usage. It assesses whether there is truth in the claim that the media uses the term tooExpand
‘A Bit Less Bunny-Hugging and a Bit More Bunny-Boiling’? Qualifying Conservative Party Change under David Cameron
The Conservatives appear to have established a clear and consistent opinion poll lead over the Labour government. Some would suggest that this change of fortunes is connected to the ‘modernization’Expand
Between a Soft and a Hard Place? The Conservative Party, Valence Politics and the Need for a New ‘Eurorealism’
Conservative Party policy on the EU has hardened in recent years, both in order to outflank Labour and as a reflection of an increasingly Eurosceptical membership, inside parliament and without. YetExpand
'Cometh the hour, cometh the dave': How far is the conservative party's revival all down to david cameron?
While one can overstate the extent to which the Conservative party has changed since 2005, especially in the light of its response to the recession, the upturn in its electoral prospects isExpand
The Conservatives since 1945: The Drivers of Party Change
  • Tim Bale
  • Political Science
  • 17 November 2012
1. Introduction 2. Disaster to Deliverance: 1945-1951 3. Anxiety, Appeasement, Affluence - and After: 1951-64 4. Amateur to Professional: 1964-1970 5. Betrayal: 1970-4 6. Confrontation and Consensus:Expand
Why Do Tories Defect to UKIP? Conservative Party Members and the Temptations of the Populist Radical Right
This research note draws on a new survey to reveal a widespread willingness among current Conservative Party members in Britain to countenance voting for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)Expand