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For a number of viruses, oligomerization is a critical component of envelope processing and surface expression. Previously, we reported that a synthetic peptide (DP-107) corresponding to the putative leucine zipper region (aa 553-590) of the transmembrane protein (gp41) of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) exhibited alpha-helical secondary(More)
Fluctuating concentrations of calcium in the blood supplying the avian shell gland are not reflected at tissue level. Analyses of oviducal mucosa throughout the laying cycle show that the concentration of calcium remains relatively unaltered even at peak activity thereby implying a rapid transfer process. These experiments describe the use of potassium(More)
1. Electron microscopy, infra-red analysis and histochemical techniques have been used to determine the site of pigment deposition, the cellular localisation of pigment and the type of pigment precipitated in the egg shells of quail, White Leghorn, Brown Ranger and Black-Headed gull. 2. Transfer of pigment occurs via the surface epithelial cells of the(More)
Dew point temperature, the temperature at which water vapor condenses, is an important weather variable used to estimate frost, fog, rain, snow, dew, evapotranspiration, near-surface humidity, and other meteorological variables. Dew point temperature directly or indirectly contributes to productivity of plants, crop damage during freezes, human comfort(More)
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