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Carbonic anhydrase IV (CA IV) is a membrane-bound form of carbonic anhydrase. We have characterized the catalytic activity and inhibition of recombinant human CA IV. CA IV is a high-activity isozyme in CO2 hydration with a pH-independent kcat value (1.1 x 10(6) s(-1)) comparable to that of CA II (8 x 10(5) s(-1)). Furthermore, CA IV is more active in HCO3-(More)
The zinc and cobalt forms of the prototypic gamma-carbonic anhydrase from Methanosarcina thermophila were characterized by extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) and the kinetics were investigated using steady-state spectrophotometric and (18)O exchange equilibrium assays. EXAFS results indicate that cobalt isomorphously replaces zinc and that the(More)
We have inserted a fourth protein ligand into the zinc coordination polyhedron of carbonic anhydrase II (CAII) that increases metal affinity 200-fold (Kd = 20 fM). The three-dimensional structures of threonine-199-->aspartate (T199D) and threonine-199-->glutamate (T199E) CAIIs, determined by x-ray crystallographic methods to resolutions of 2.35 Angstrum and(More)
  • GreGor PomPe, Petar BerGamo’s, +6 authors K. Sero
  • 2017
Petar Bergamo’s Second Symphony (1964) must be analyzed in the context of Zagreb Biennale and therefore in the context of modernist domination which Bergamo understood as cul-de-sac. his Second Symphony is conceived as set of quotations and allusions that are able to trigger wide filed of associations connected to the logic of music history. Such a(More)
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