Tim B. Hunter

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Prompt and appropriate imaging work-up of the various musculoskeletal soft tissue infections aids early diagnosis and treatment and decreases the risk of complications resulting from misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. The signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal soft tissue infections can be nonspecific, making it clinically difficult to distinguish between(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the short-term effects of physical therapy (ice massage or wax packs, thermal baths, and faradic hand baths) and exercise therapy on the rheumatoid hand. METHODS The effect of individual physical therapy and exercise therapy programs was evaluated in 50 randomly selected rheumatoid arthritis inpatients (38 women and 12 men). Mean(More)
Two cases of angiosarcoma of the breast are presented. They are of particular interest in that one patient is a long-term survivor, the 19th reported to date, and the other presented with contralateral breast involvement without evidence of disseminated disease. The world literature is reviewed and a discussion is presented of the clinical features,(More)
This article discusses the roles of mammography-guided needle biopsy of the breast, pneumocystography, and galactography in further defining breast lesions that have been detected with mammography. For each procedure, indications for its use, proper technique, complications, interpretation, and role in clinical practice are described. Use of these(More)
OBJECTIVE The educational objectives of this self-assessment module are for the participant to exercise, self-assess, and improve his or her understanding of the imaging of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH), with emphasis on acute spinal fractures. CONCLUSION Understanding the pathomechanics of the fractures in the ankylosed spine is(More)
Joint arthroplasty is the most frequently performed orthopedic procedure after fracture fixation. The major indications for any joint replacement are degenerative joint disease, inflammatory arthropathy, avascular necrosis, and complicated fractures. The major contraindications for any joint arthroplasty are systemic and joint infection and a neuropathic(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the utility of sonography and sonoarthrography in evaluation of dorsal bands of the scapholunate ligament (SLL), lunotriquetral ligament (LTL), and triangular fibrocartilage (TFC) disk in correlation with arthrography and magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA). METHODS High-resolution sonography of the(More)