Tim B. Graham

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BACKGROUND Antibiotic administration to individuals with Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) infection remains controversial. We assessed if antibiotic administration to individuals with STEC infection is associated with development of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). METHODS The analysis included studies published up to 29 April 2015, that(More)
We used three isolated clusters of small ephemeral rock pools on a sandstone flat in Utah to test the importance of local structuring processes on aquatic invertebrate communities. In the three clusters we characterized all ephemeral rock pools (total: 27) for their morphometry, and monitored their water quality, hydrology and community assemblage during a(More)
Wind is suspected to be a primary dispersal mechanism for large branchiopod cysts on the Colorado Plateau. We used a wind tunnel to investigate wind velocities capable of moving pothole sediment and cysts from intact and disturbed surfaces. Material moved in the wind tunnel was trapped in filters; cysts were separated from sediment and counted. Undisturbed(More)
BACKGROUND Each year in Canada there are 5 million episodes of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) with up to 70% attributed to an unidentified pathogen. Moreover, 90% of individuals with AGE do not seek care when ill, thus, burden of disease estimates are limited by under-diagnosing and under-reporting. Further, little is known about the pathogens causing AGE as(More)
Surgical centres of excellence should include multidisciplinary teams with specialist expertise in imaging, clinical assessment and surgery for patients with heart valve disease. There should be structured training programmes for the staff involved in the periprocedural care of the patient and these should be overseen by national or international(More)
There is mounting evidence that resolving mesoscale eddies and western boundary currents as well as topographically controlled flows can play an important role in air–sea interaction associated with vertical and lateral transports of heat and salt. Here we describe the development of the Met Office Global Coupled Model version 2 (GC2) with increased(More)
1190. Relationship Between Enteropathogen and Acute Gastroenteritis Disease Severity: A Prospective Cohort Study Stephen Freedman, MDCM, MSc; Jianling Xie, MD, MPH; Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, PhD, PStat; Bonita Lee, MD MSc (Epi); Linda Chui, MD; Xiao-Li Pang, PhD; Ran Zhuo, PhD; Brendon Parsons, PhD; Otto G. Vanderkooi, MD; Phillip Tarr, MD, FIDSA; Samina Ali,(More)
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