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A long-finned pilot whale with morbilliviral disease was stranded in New Jersey. An immunohistochemical stain demonstrated morbilliviral antigen. Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction for morbillivirus P and N genes was positive. Novel sequences most closely related to, but distinct from, those of dolphin and porpoise morbilliviruses suggest that(More)
Thirty tumors including 27 distinctive cutaneous neoplasms and 3 metastatic tumors from 26 dogs were collected from diagnostic submissions to 3 laboratories. Characteristic histopathologic features included location in the subcutis or dermis (or both); lobular, nodular, and nest-like architecture; and a component of epithelioid cells with clear cytoplasm.(More)
The Australian economy has in recent years experienced the longest terms of trade boom in its history. This boom has had important macroeconomic outcomes – such as an elevated real exchange rate, large-scale investment in the resources sector and higher national income. The terms of trade have declined since their peak in September 2011 and are expected to(More)
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