Tim A. Majchrzak

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The fragmented smartphone market with at least five important mobile platforms makes native development of mobile applications (apps) a challenging and costly endeavour. Cross-platform development might alleviate this situation. Several cross-platform approaches have emerged, which we classify in a first step. In order to compare concrete cross-platform(More)
Mobile applications usually need to be provided for more than one operating system. Developing native apps separately for each platform is a laborious and expensive undertaking. Hence, cross-platform approaches have emerged, most of them based on Web technologies. While these enable developers to use a single code base for all platforms, resulting apps lack(More)
Business intelligence (BI) is considered to have a high impact on businesses. Research activity has risen in the last years. An important part of BI systems is a well performing implementation of the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process. In typical BI projects, implementing the ETL process can be the task with the greatest effort. However, little work(More)
Healthcare and crisis management are pervaded by the usage of Information Systems (IS). Virtually all IS rely on data storage. Despite the document-oriented nature of medical datasets, the prevailing kind of database used are relational (RDBMS) ones. In order to find a more adequate solution in a development project for a patientregistry, we evaluated a(More)
While smartphones are rapidly gaining popularity, they do not (yet) rely on a standardized platform. At least five operating systems are considered important. Developing mobile applications (apps) is thus challenging. Since native development for several platforms requires extreme effort, we designed criteria to assess crossplatform development approaches.(More)
Many software development projects fail to reach their goals or are aborted. This results in economic problems, lost welfare, and may even endanger humans. In many cases, an improper choice of the software development methodology (SDM)—or not following an ideology towards development at all—can be identified as the root problem. Choosing an adequate(More)
Mobile application market has grown exponentially. The market is becoming increasingly fragmented with at least five important mobile platforms making native development of mobile applications a challenging and costly endeavor. Cross-platform development might alleviate this situation. Cross platform tools support to develop the applications for multiple(More)