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Ethnobotany and progressive domestication ofjaltomata (solanaceae) in mexico and central america
Members of Jaltomata are herbaceous perennials distributed from southwestern United States into Bolivia, and annuals in the Caribbean and Galapagos Islands. The described species do not fullyExpand
The generic relationship of Saracha and Jaltomata (Solanaceae; Solaneae)
This paper elucidates the nomenclature of Saracha with respect to Bellinia, Jaltomata, Poecilochroma, Hebecladus, and Dunalia and some other closely related genera. Expand
Antibody profiling as an identification tool for forensic samples
The antibody profiling technique was shown to be an excellent alternative to DNA-based identification methods and will find applications in situations where results are needed rapidly, where it is necessary to screen multiple suspects, and in remote areas where the equipment and technical skills needed for DNA testing are not available. Expand