Tilotma Yadav

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The full-length genome of a begomovirus and its cognate DNA-β satellite component associated with chilli leaf curl disease (ChLCD), originating from Varanasi, India, were cloned. Sequence analysis revealed that the viral genome (EF190217) is 2,750 bp and the DNA-β satellite (EF190215) is 1,361 bp in length. Agroinoculation with partial tandem repeats of the(More)
In this paper, signal strength and system operating margin (SOM) are estimated for vehicular ad-hoc networks in absence and presence of Rayleigh fading. The free space propagation model and Ad-hoc IEEE 802.11 models are discussed and later has been used to estimate signal strength and system operating margin. Rayleigh fading was then simulated and signal(More)
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