Tilo Böhmann

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Tilo Böhmann, Jan Marco Leimeister,<lb>Kathrin Möslein Service Systems Engineering A Field for Future Information Systems<lb>Research Service systems engineering (SSE) fo-<lb>cuses on the systematic design and de-<lb>velopment of service systems. Guided<lb>by a value proposition, service sys-<lb>tems enable value co-creation through<lb>a configuration of(More)
The demise of first generation service models of application service providers (ASP) indicates that moving from individualized services (e.g. many outsourcing offerings) to fully standardised services (e.g. first generation ASP models) leaves many customer requirements unfilled. In our paper we argue that a possible solution for building innovative(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to study the influence of organizational environment on the selection of knowledge management strategies. The paper focuses particularly on the relationship between business and knowledge management strategy and the success of the knowledge management initiatives. Design/methodology/approach – This paper is a case(More)
Service-oriented Architectures and Web services mature and have become more widely accepted and used by industry. This growing adoption increased the demands for new ways of using Web service technology. Users start re-combining and mediating other providers’ services in ways that have not been anticipated by their original provider. Within organisations(More)
Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) is a research area with significant relevance to research and practice. Networked systems of web services are a field of service science that enjoys growing interest from researchers. The complex and dynamic environment of these service ecosystems poses new requirements on quality management that are(More)
We explore the use of remote service technology in manufacturing. The study provides insights into the impact of information technology use on the service business models in German-based manufacturing companies. For these companies, services become increasingly important to compete in global markets. Our study traces how the use of IT, specifically remote(More)
Electronic services delivered over the Internet are gaining importance in the business world. This area has seen an increase in scientific interest over the past years under the labels “Internet of Services” and Web-service ecosystems. The paper develops a conceptual framework of actors and their roles in an open innovation system for a networked ecosystem(More)
Current industry trends suggest that IT services are being sourced more selectively. A prominent example of such an IT service is the user help desk that is often an integrated service, where different sub-services are being delivered by different service providers. Hence IT service providers face the challenges of integrating business processes and IT(More)