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1 079 of 1 548 newborn infants were followed during their first year. 328 were prospectively contacted once a month. 751 were followed up at child welfare clinics. Altogether 20 were diagnosed as being cow's milk protein intolerant (1.9%). Symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract and the skin predominated. Only 2 had respiratory symptoms. Ten had their(More)
18 mothers of 19 breast-fed infants with infantile colic were put on a diet free of cow's-milk protein. The colic disappeared promptly from 13; in 12, it reappeared on at least two further indirect challenges (in the form of a diet containing cow's milk to the mother). Most infants became symptom-free at age 2 to 4 months; at 4 months, only 4 reacted with(More)
Die Online-Fachbuchhandlung beck-shop.de ist spezialisiert auf Fachbücher, insbesondere Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft. Im Sortiment finden Sie alle Medien (Bücher, Zeitschriften, CDs, eBooks, etc.) aller Verlage. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch Services wie Neuerscheinungsdienst oder Zusammenstellungen von Büchern zu Sonderpreisen. Der Shop führt mehr als 8(More)
Coeliac disease has emerged as a public health problem. The aim of the present study was to analyse trends in the occurrence of symptomatic coeliac disease in Swedish children from 1973 to 1997, and to explore any temporal relationship to changes in infant dietary patterns. We established a population-based prospective incidence register of coeliac disease(More)
The role of cow's milk in infantile colic in formula-fed infants was estimated in a double-blind study. Sixty colicky infants were given a cow's milk-containing formula (Enfamil) and a cow's milk-free formula based on soy (ProSobee). Eleven infants (18%) were free of symptoms while receiving soy formula. Symptoms of 32 infants (53%) were unchanged or worse(More)
Sixty-six mothers of 66 breast-fed infants with infantile colic were put on a diet free from cow's milk. The colic disappeared in 35 infants; it reappeared on at least two challenges (cow's milk to mother) in 23 infants (35%). A double-blind crossover trial with cow's milk whey protein was performed in 16 of these 23 mothers and infants. Six infants had to(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY To analyze the influence of kangaroo care (KC) with and without nasogastric tube-feeding (NGTF) on plasma cholecystokinin (CCK) and somatostatin (SS) levels in preterm infants and in their parents. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eighteen infants, median (range) gestational age 28 wks (24-34 wks) and birth weight 1230 g (766-2660 g) received KC for(More)