Tilmann Kuhn

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For a CdTe quantum dot doped with a single Mn atom we analyze the dynamics of the Mn spin when the dot is excited by ultrashort laser pulses. Because of the exchange interaction with the Mn atom, electron and hole spins can flip and induce a change of the Mn spin. Including both heavy and light-hole excitons and using suitable pulse sequences, angular(More)
Single-photon emitters in monolayer WSe2 are created at the nanoscale gap between two single-crystalline gold nanorods. The atomically thin semiconductor conforms to the metal nanostructure and is bent at the position of the gap. The induced strain leads to the formation of a localized potential well inside the gap. Single-photon emitters are localized(More)
We report the analysis of measurements made using an aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS; Aerodyne Research Inc.) that was installed in the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL) in summer 2006. PEARL is located in the Canadian high Arctic at 610 m above sea level on Ellesmere Island (80 N 86 W). PEARL is unique for its remote location in the(More)
It is shown that lower bounds for the effective memory time induced by two-pair correlations can be estimated by monitoring changes of the shape of excitonic four-wave-mixing spectra. Experimentally we demonstrate a memory time of at least 540 fs for a ZnSe single quantum well. Microscopic calculations reveal that this lower bound is not sharp. Interactions(More)
The dynamics of strongly confined laser driven semiconductor quantum dots coupled to phonons is studied theoretically by calculating the time evolution of the reduced density matrix using a numerical path integral method. We explore the cases of long pulses, strong dot-phonon and dot-laser coupling, and high temperatures, which, up to now, have been(More)
This paper provides an overview of a new method for modelling the total solar energy transmittance. It is implemented in the ESP-r building simulation program to model complex façades such as double glazed façades with external, internal or integrated shading devices. This new model has been validated and tested for several cases. The new model required(More)
[1] There remains large disagreement between ice-water path (IWP) in observational data sets, largely because the sensors observe different parts of the ice particle size distribution. A detailed comparison of retrieved IWP from satellite observations in the Tropics ( 30 latitude) in 2007 was made using collocated measurements. The radio detection and(More)
The energy transport of acoustic phonons generated by the optical excitation of a quantum dot as well as the coherence properties of these phonons are studied theoretically both for the case of a pulsed excitation and for a continuous wave (CW) excitation switched on instantaneously. For a pulsed excitation, depending on pulse area and pulse duration, a(More)
Time-dependent lattice fluctuations of an optically excited strongly confined quantum dot are investigated with the aim to analyze the characteristics commonly used for identifying the presence of squeezed phonon states. It is demonstrated that the appearance of fluctuations oscillating with twice the phonon frequency, commonly regarded as a clear(More)