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This paper provides an overview of a new method for modelling the total solar energy transmittance. It is implemented in the ESP-r building simulation program to model complex façades such as double glazed façades with external, internal or integrated shading devices. This new model has been validated and tested for several cases. The new model required(More)
Single-photon emitters in monolayer WSe2 are created at the nanoscale gap between two single-crystalline gold nanorods. The atomically thin semiconductor conforms to the metal nanostructure and is bent at the position of the gap. The induced strain leads to the formation of a localized potential well inside the gap. Single-photon emitters are localized(More)
This work describes a semantic service description model based on and inspired by existing service description approaches like WSDL-S and OWLS and a service registry to support the creation of service oriented applications in the area of education and training. Our service description is based on an OWL ontology and combines a simple message-and(More)
In order to achieve significant savings in energy and an improved level of thermal comfort in retrofitted existing buildings, specific retrofitting concepts that combine new technologies and design need to be developed and implemented. Large radiant surfaces systems are now among the most promising future technologies to be used both in retrofitted and in(More)
By analogy with linear response, we formulate the duality and reciprocity properties of current and voltage fluctuations expressed by Nyquist relations, including the intrinsic bandwidths of the respective fluctuations. For this purpose, we individuate total-number and drift-velocity fluctuations of carriers inside a conductor as the microscopic sources of(More)
Optimized light-matter coupling in semiconductor nanostructures is a key to understand their optical properties and can be enabled by advanced fabrication techniques. Using in situ electron beam lithography combined with a low-temperature cathodoluminescence imaging, we deterministically fabricate microlenses above selected InAs quantum dots (QDs),(More)
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