Tilmann F. W. Bruckhaus

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While most software defects (i.e., bugs) are corrected and tested as part of the lengthy software development cycle, enterprise software vendors often have to release software products before all reported defects are corrected, due to deadlines and limited resources. A small number of these defects will be escalated by customers and they must be resolved(More)
One of the rst steps in improving a process is to understand the process, for example, by building descriptive models of the process. This paper addresses the elicitation of formal process models from real-world projects, using the Elicit method and tool, developed at McGill, and Statemate. In addition, the paper illustrates how formal models can make(More)
Software tools play an important role in the software development process. Some tools are used by users taking on one specific role, in very specific activities and to process documents of a specific type (e.g., a compiler). Other tools are used by users in multiple roles, during many activities and for processing documents of multiple types (e.g., a(More)
One of the most severe manifestations of poor quality of software products occurs when a customer “escalates” a defect: an escalation is triggered when a defect significantly impacts a customer's operations. Escalated defects are then quickly resolved, at a high cost, outside of the general product release engineering cycle. While the software vendor and(More)
Enterprise software vendors often have to release software products before all reported defects are corrected, and a small number of these reported defects will be escalated by customers whose businesses are seriously impacted. Escalated defects must be quickly resolved at a high cost by the software vendors. The total costs can be even greater, including(More)
EEcient and eeective studying of scientiic papers is an important part of software engineering education. Moreover, it contributes to the knowledge necessary to carry out software research and development. However, we experienced numerous problems related to the many subactivities of studying scientiic papers. It turns out that many of them are analogous to(More)
Measurement of a software development process is an important way to understand and improve processes. In this paper we propose that measurement programs should be based on a solid understanding of the process and the process context. One way to achieve this type of understanding is to rst build formal process and context models. It is pointed out that(More)