Tilman Buchner

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The probability distribution of a complexity measure is used to characterize chaotic states: an estimator of the algorithmic complexity of a time series of symbolic words is calculated within a fixed length time window, which sweeps through the time series analyzed. The words are derived through a symbolic dynamics scheme applied in an m-dimensional delay(More)
The logistic map with a delayed feedback is studied as a generic model. The stability of the model and its bifurcation scheme is analyzed as a function of the feedback amplitude and of the delay. Stability analysis is performed semianalytically. A relation between the delay and the periodicity of the orbit, which explains why some terms used in chaos(More)
The 3D Optical Systems Group at MIT investigates Nanostructured Origami TM 3D fabrication and assembly. The idea is to assemble complex hybrid (chemical or biological reactors, optical sensing, digital electronic logic, mechanical motion) systems in 3D by using exclusively 2D lithography technology. The 3D shape is obtained by folding the initial 2D(More)
— The increasing automation is an evident trend in manufacturing industry. The individualization of the products requires an increasing flexibility of automated manufacturing systems. Thus, concepts like Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) gain importance in different manufacturing sectors. More complex usage scenarios and increasing complexity of the(More)
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