Tilman Becker

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Scrambling, both local and long-distance, has recently attracted considerable attention among linguists and computational linguists. In this paper, we will explore the adequacy of the Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism for dealing with long-distance scrambling I in German. We will show that TAGs cannot capture the full range of constructions derived by(More)
Complexity of Lexical Descriptions and its Relevance to Partial Parsing Srinivas Bangalore Supervisor: Aravind K. Joshi In this dissertation, we have proposed novel methods for robust parsing that integrate the exibility of linguistically motivated lexical descriptions with the robustness of statistical techniques. Our thesis is that the computation of(More)
The development of an intelligent user interface that supports multimodal access to multiple applications is a challenging task. In this paper we present a generic multimodal interface system where the user interacts with an anthropomorphic personalized interface agent using speech and natural gestures. The knowledge-based and uniform approach of SmartKom(More)
This thesis describes research which attempts to remove some of the barriers to creating true conversational agents — autonomous agents which can communicate with humans in natural language. First, in order to help bridge the gap between research in the natural language and agents communities, we define a model of agent-agent collaborative problem solving(More)
The development of large-scale dialog systems requires a flexible architecture model and adequate software support to cope with the challenge of system integration. This contribution1 presents a general framework for building integrated natural-language and multimodal dialog systems. Our approach relies on a distributed component model that enables flexible(More)