Tillmann Neben

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Behavior in social groups follows unwritten codes, with the social group one is embedded in defining what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Prior research has found strong tendencies toward informational isomorphism in groups in online social networks, as social peers seem to establish a shared understanding of what behavior is acceptable and what(More)
Social theories suggest that individuals expect something in return when they decide to share knowledge. These expectations of benefits vary from tangible incentives provided by organizations to positive feelings aroused by altruistic behavior. The theory of consumption values (TCV) allows a specification of distinct types of benefits (functional, social,(More)
Social networking sites (SNSs) have evolved as the centre for daily social interactions. However, some users experience difficulties in managing their incessant urges to use the site, and result in spending excessive amount of time on the platform. While the research on the dark side of SNS use is gaining momentum, the theoretical understanding of this(More)