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Somatic cell reprogramming has dramatically changed stem cell research in recent years. The high pace of new findings in the field and an ever increasing amount of data from new high throughput techniques make it challenging to isolate core principles of the process. In order to analyze such mechanisms, we developed an abstract mechanistic model of a subset(More)
SUMMARY BooleSim (Boolean network simulator) is an open-source in-browser tool for simulation and manipulation of Boolean networks. It was developed mainly during Google's Summer of Code 2012 and uses the biographer project for network visualization. It can be used specifically for the modeling of gene regulatory or signal transduction networks. (More)
SUMMARY SensA is a web-based application for sensitivity analysis of mathematical models. The sensitivity analysis is based on metabolic control analysis, computing the local, global and time-dependent properties of model components. Interactive visualization facilitates interpretation of usually complex results. SensA can contribute to the analysis,(More)
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