Till Matzat

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In the nervous system, glial cells need to be specified from a set of progenitor cells. In the developing Drosophila eye, perineurial glia proliferate and differentiate as wrapping glia in response to a neuronal signal conveyed by the FGF receptor pathway. To unravel the underlying transcriptional network we silenced all genes encoding predicted DNA-binding(More)
Neuronal function requires constant working conditions and a well-balanced supply of ions and metabolites. The metabolic homeostasis in the nervous system crucially depends on the presence of glial cells, which nurture and isolate neuronal cells. Here we review recent findings on how these tasks are performed by glial cells in the genetically amenable model(More)
Efficient neuronal conductance requires that axons are insulated by glial cells. For this, glial membranes need to wrap around axons. Invertebrates show a relatively simple extension of glial membranes around the axons, resembling Remak fibers formed by Schwann cells in the mammalian peripheral nervous system. To unravel the molecular pathways underlying(More)
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