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This paper compares the results of different pricing systems in the German electricity sector. In particular, we compare a competitive nodal pricing approach to a cost minimization scenario under a uniform price. The model also simulates the effects of increasing offshore wind energy in the North Sea, from the current 0 GW to 8 and 13 GW, respectively. Our(More)
The objective was to investigate if the association between working chute behavior and beef tenderness found in our previous study is related to protein degradation and calpain system activity. Crossbred steers (n=183) allotted to 16 pens were weighed every 28 d. Temperament was evaluated as exit velocity (EV), chute score (CS), and catch score (CAPS).(More)
In this paper, we apply the theory of nodal pricing to a particularly urgent issue of energy and environmental economics: the integration of wind power in electricity systems. We use a nodal pricing model to analyze the impact of German wind power production on the North Western European power grid. Especially the Benelux countries are supposed to suffer(More)
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