Till J. Winkler

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The mechanisms of information technology (IT) governance have been widely recognized as practices to sustain alignment of business and IT units. However, the IT governance literature so far has drawn little attention to the possible idiosyncrasies of governance arrangements in the public sector. In this paper we propose a conceptual model to investigate the(More)
In today's Internet economy, new business models emerge to respond to business opportunities that one organization alone can not exploit. Virtual organizations (VOs) are a prominent example for such models currently investigated in, e.g., collaborative engineering and aggregated services provisioning. The partner selection process is a problem that needs to(More)
Poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL) is chemically produced on an industrial scale in spite of the need for hazardous peracetic acid as an oxidation reagent. Although Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases (BVMO) in principle enable the enzymatic synthesis of ε-caprolactone (ε-CL) directly from cyclohexanone with molecular oxygen, current systems suffer from low productivity(More)
The ongoing consumerization of information technology (IT) demands to rethink the traditional paradigms of media use at the workplace. Past research has focused on the use of company IT resources for personal purposes (e.g., ‘cyberloafing’) and primarily emphasized the adverse effects. This study takes a wider perspective and includes the use of personal IT(More)
Involving citizens in public affairs through the use of participatory sensing applications is an emerging theme in Pervasive Computing and mobile E-Government (M-Government). Prior work, however, suggests that local governments place more emphasis on internal than on external M-Government projects. This paper takes an action design research perspective to(More)
Zusammenfassung: Während auf Seiten der Supply-IT in den vergangenen Jahren eine zunehmende Professionalisierung und Industrialisierung stattgefunden hat, wurde die Rolle der Demand-seitigen IT bei der innerbetrieblichen Gestaltung von IT-Organisationen häufig vernachlässigt. Ziel dieser Arbeit ist, zunächst den Aufgabenbereich der Demand-IT abzugrenzen und(More)
This study addresses a major gap in our knowledge about the allocation of information technology (IT) decision rights between business and IT units at the application level, including the governance of applications delivered on-premise versus those delivered with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Building on the findings from a multicase qualitative(More)
  • Christina A. M ller, Beneeta Akkapurathu, +4 authors Ulrich Schwaneberg
  • 2013
A novel concept for the direct oxidation of cycloalkanes to the corresponding cyclic ketones in a one-pot synthesis in water with molecular oxygen as sole oxidizing agent was reported recently. Based on this concept we have developed a new strategy for the double oxidation of n-heptane to enable a biocatalytic resolution for the direct synthesis of(More)
Biocascades allow one-pot synthesis of chemical building blocks omitting purification of reaction intermediates and expenses for downstream processing. Here we show the first whole cell double oxidation of n-heptane to produce chiral alcohols and heptanones. The concept of an artificial operon for co-expression of a monooxygenase from Bacillus megaterium(More)