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Rust resistance genes (introgressions S24 and S13) transferred to hexaploid wheat from two Aegilops speltoides accessions could not be used commercially due to associated gametocidal (Gc) genes. Crosses to wheat followed by rigorous selection for increased fertility were employed in an attempt to separate the unmapped S24 stem rust resistance from the Gc(More)
Conformational changes in the prion protein (PrP) seem to be responsible for prion diseases. We have used conformation-dependent chemical-shift measurements and rotational-resonance distance measurements to analyze the conformation of solid-state peptides lacking long-range order, corresponding to a region of PrP designated H1. This region is predicted to(More)
Co-lecturers Iris Douma (if possible) Type of education Project Learning objectives Main competency development target User focus and perspective: how to design a flexible system that meets the requirements and values of children, teachers and other stakeholders involved. Form and senses: design of the look and feel of the building blocks of the toolkit,(More)
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