Tilak Mitra

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Remote monitoring of the vital signs of a patient at home is becoming increasingly important. Wireless body area sensor networks (BAN) provide a convenient platform for health monitoring. A typical biomonitoring application running on wireless BAN has stringent timing and energy requirements. In this context, a cycle accurate simulator of biomonitoring(More)
In this paper, we present an enhanced model-driven development technique for porting business software applications across multiple software middle-ware platforms (such as IBM WebSphere platform, SAP NetWeaver platform, Oracle/BEA platform, etc). Our approach enhances both forward and reverse engineering of models. First, we present a service-oriented(More)
The reasons for reverse engineering software applications could be many. These include: to understand the design of the software system to improve it for future iterations, to communicate the design to others when prior documentation is either lost or does not exist or is out-dated, to understand competitors’ product to replicate the design, to understand(More)
While the traditional model driven development techniques are useful for building solutions in a reusable manner, they do not say much about how the existing assets in a client environment can be leveraged effectively and efficiently. In this work, we enhance model driven transformation techniques to generate implementation artifacts on a given platform(More)
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