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BACKGROUND Textile-based transducers are an emerging technology in which piezo-resistive properties of materials are used to measure an applied strain. By incorporating these sensors into a sock, this technology offers the potential to detect critical events during the stance phase of the gait cycle. This could prove useful in several applications, such as(More)
Textiles are one of the most important materials developed and used extensively by man. Textiles have protected us from the hazardous environmental conditions and clothed us for modesty. One of the newest and rapidly growing area of textiles is electronic textiles where electronic interconnectivity is combined with 'classical' textiles. In the first(More)
The area of smart textiles presents an opportunity for collaboration to occur between other fields. However, despite the need for multi-disciplinary work there is a lack of literature to support how disciplines work together within this field. This paper discusses the research proposal submitted as part of the PhD study where a pilot study investigation was(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging is a widely used technique for medical and materials imaging. Even though the objects being imaged are often irregularly shaped, suitable coils permitting the measurement of the radio-frequency signal in these systems are usually made of solid copper. One problem often encountered is how to ensure the coils are both in close(More)
A1 Predictive and prognostic biomarker panel for targeted application of radioembolisation improving individual outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma Jella-Andrea Abraham, Olga Golubnitschaja A2 Integrated market access approach amplifying value of “Rx-CDx” Ildar Akhmetov A3 Disaster response: an opportunity to improve global healthcare Russell J. Andrews,(More)
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