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There has been a recent paradigm shift in the computer animation industry with an increasing use of pre-recorded motion for animating virtual characters. A fundamental requirement to using motion capture data is an efficient method for indexing and retrieving motions. In this paper, we propose a flexible, efficient method for searching arbitrarily complex(More)
Two different soft-chemical, self-assembly-based solution approaches are employed to grow zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods with controlled texture. The methods used involve seeding and growth on a substrate. Nanorods with various aspect ratios (1-5) and diameters (15-65 nm) are grown. Obtaining highly oriented rods is determined by the way the substrate is mounted(More)
LaTiO2 N photocatalysts were prepared by thermal ammonolysis of flux-synthesized La2 Ti2 O7 and La2 TiO5 , and were investigated for water oxidation. Though LaTiO2 N derived from La2 TiO5 appears defect-free by UV/Vis/near-IR and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, its performance is much lower than that of conventional La2 Ti2 O7 -derived(More)
Red light emitting cubic Zr0.99Eu0.01O2:Li(+) (0-9 mol%) nanoparticles are synthesized by a low temperature, self-propagating solution combustion method using oxalyl di-hydrazide (ODH) as fuel. In this study, we report systematic investigation of the effect of lithium ion (Li(+)) concentration on the structural properties and the photoluminescence of(More)
  • Assa Aravindh, Artoto Arkundato, +59 authors T. Uthayathasan
  • 2007
Novel extended tetrahedral forms of CO 2 have been synthesized recently under high-pressure conditions. We perform ab initio density functional theory calculations to investigate whether doping with Si can extend the stability range of such tetrahedral forms of CO 2 to ambient pressure. Calculations are performed with a simple cubic cell containing eight(More)
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