Tijmen Wisman

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The Privacy Coach is an application running on a mobile phone that supports customers in making privacy decisions when confronted with RFID tags. The approach we take to increase customer privacy is a radical departure from the mainstream research efforts that focus on implementing privacy enhancing technologies on the RFID tags themselves. Instead the(More)
We report a clinical evaluation of EEG and video monitoring. In 181 consecutive records, the most common clinical indications were differentiation of epileptic and nonepileptic events (99), seizure recordings for locating a possible focus (23), seizure frequency determination (32), and investigation of possible trigger factors (19). Overall, useful(More)
Fluorescent tubes flash at twice the mains frequency (100 Hz in Europe). With aging, 50-Hz brightness modulation appears. A survey of tubes used in our institute showed that 42% exhibited brightness modulation up to a depth of 20% or occasionally 30%. The effects of fluorescent lighting on the EEGs of 20 patients with photosensitive epilepsy have been(More)
A requirement for intensive epilepsy monitoring arose from a demand for ictal EEG registration for diagnostic purposes and in the context of pharmacokinetic research. The monitoring facility developed gradually: first conventional EEG equipment was used on the wards, later miniaturized pre-amplifiers were introduced to allow the patient greater freedom,(More)
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