Tijmen R. Klein

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We present an interaction design study of several non-overlapping direct-touch interaction widgets, postures, and bi-manual techniques to support the needs of scientists who are exploring a dataset. The final interaction design supports navigation/zoom, cutting plane interaction, a drilling exploration, the placement of seed particles in 3D space, and the(More)
Depicting change captured by dynamic graphs and temporal paths, or trails, is hard. We present two techniques for simplified visualization of such data sets using edge bundles. The first technique uses an efficient image-based bundling method to create smoothly changing bundles from streaming graphs. The second technique adds edge-correspondence data atop(More)
We present a novel set of techniques for visualization of very large data sets encoding flight information obtained from Air Traffic Control. The aims of our visualization are to provide a smooth way to explore the available information and find outlier spatio-temporal patterns by navigating between fine-scale, detail, views on the data and coarse overviews(More)
A visualization tool viwish for proteins based on the Tcl command language has been developed. The system is completely menu driven and can display arbitrary many proteins in arbitrary many windows. It isinstantly t o use, even for non computer experts and provides possibilities to modify menus, configurations, and windows. It may be used as a stand-alone(More)
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